Learning English in a global world is necessary for everyone. For most students the most important aim is to pass the final exam with a good grade. But learning English is more. In your lessons you listen to native speaker from different English speaking countries, talk to a partner about a variety of different topics and you read English texts. The seven English teachers at the Realschule im Rupertiwinkl also include interesting themes in their lessons like American or English movies, brand new songs, pictures and experiences from countries far away. You can also take part in a reading and spelling competition and win a valuable prize. Sometimes a small sketch takes place in an English course and pupils can test their talent as an actor. Even if they aren’t fans of this subject, the one- week-trip to the English South Coast is a highlight for every student of the eighth grade. “Stay in contact with the language” Kathrin Hartl, the leader of the English department, tells all students. “You’ll need it far more often than you might expect!”. Going on holiday, talking to tourists in a bar or finally in your job - English is everywhere.